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Here's the inside scoop of what we are currently working on! Be among the first to host one of these shows by contacting us at info@exhibitenvoy.org or 415.525.1553.

Patient No More: People with Disabilities Securing Civil Rights

Discover a remarkable, overlooked moment in U.S. history when people with disabilities occupied a government building to demand their rights with Patient No More. On April 5, 1977, American people with and without disabilities showed the world the power of grassroots activism when more than 100 people began a twenty-six day occupation of the Federal Building in San Francisco to insist on getting civil rights; at the same time, a diverse coalition launched protests across the country. On April 30, the Section 504 occupiers emerged victorious from the longest take-over of a federal building in US history.

The exhibit is comprised of 10 free-standing kiosks and accompanied by braille binders, audio descriptions, and 15 audio-described and captioned short videos. Patient No More is presented by the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University with support from California Humanities.

"A Liberty-Loving People": The Untold Stories of Civil Rights in California, 1850-1890

Generations before the Civil Rights movement, three key court cases furthered the fight for equality in California. Curated by Susan D. Anderson, "A Liberty-Loving People" shares the compelling stories behind an 1867 streetcar desegregation suit (San Francisco), an 1870 lawsuit that bolstered support for black male suffrage (Los Angeles), and an 1890 case that desegregated public schools in California (Visalia).

From Oxcarts to Airplanes: The Story of Transportation in California

"From Oxcarts to Airplanes" explores the many modes of transportation used in California from pre-statehood times to today. Stage coach and steamship tickets, colorful ads and brochures, photos of sleek race cars and motorcycles, a golden "last spike" and iron rail...together, all paint a picture of Californians on the move. The exhibit, curated by and initially shown at the California State Library, will soon be traveled by Exhibit Envoy.